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On December 12, 2010, Jordan Hoggard joined Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe to talk about Psychic and Creative Triggers in the Land of Mystereum. That episode can be heard HERE.


Card Back:



The 2 cards drawn for the show

based on the Tarot Tip:












Shuffle the deck

Drop the cards into three "stones" or piles

  •  card 1, top card of 1st pile, is the Card Of Your Question
  •  card 2, top card of 2nd pile, is the What You Need To Know About your Question Card
  •  card 3, top card of 3rd pile, is the Direction You Are Headed With Your Question Card
Then the fun begins!
 Pick up the whole 1st stone and imagine shaking all the dirt off, and rolling your hand side to side flip it over to reveal the bottom card
  • bottom card of 1st pile is the treasure of the top card
  • shaking off he dirt roll over stone 2
  • shaking off the dirt roll over stone 3
You read the top card of each pile as the sun/primary of the stone,
and the bottom card as the moon/treasure of the stone.




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